What is tantric massage ?

The art of Tantrism as we practice it

Practiced since ancient times, both erotic, sensual, soft and spiritual, Tantric massage affects all parts of the body to rejuvenate subtly.

Massage is an integral part of Tantra and is only one facet of it.

His spiritual approach of touch led to the merger ecstatic, both spiritual and physical, of two bodies.

Our Western culture has bullied and consolidated the functions of touch and body language, to point to plunge into oblivion the very essence of relaxation. Therefore, we invite you to (re) discover the benefits of this ancient art that massage East. Thanks to massage and stimulation of different areas and equipment, unlock tension and emotional knots that dormant in you and your senses ravivez thanks to the positive sensations of touch.

In general, affirmative action Tantric massage leads to an improvement in perceptions and equipment, but also spiritual, to a relaxation of tensions, a sense of relaxation very marked.

The Tantric massage revives the body and mind, awakens your senses and gives you a feeling of happiness divine.

Our tariffs

Adapt your massage to fit your budget
Type of massage Period Price
Discovery 0h30 150 €
Tantric 0h30 100 €
Tantric 1h00 150 €
Clara Moore 1h00 200 €
Clara Moore 1h30 280 €
Tantric + jacuzzi 1h00 200 €
Tantric + sauna 1h00 200 €
Tantric + jacuzzi 1h30 280 €
Tantric + aqua-massage 1h00 200 €
Girl Friend Experience 1h00 250 €
Four hands 1h00 300 €
Geisha 0h30 175 €
Geisha 1h00 250 €

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